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"The little things are infinitely the most important."


With SublimeCRM™ we offer you the chance to provide your customers with greater efficiency and a better service, improving how you organise your tasks, diary events, files, marketing campaigns, detailed invoicing, estimates, internal documents, etc.

Our tool takes care of the overall management of your company, giving you full control over all routine processes and making best use of time and resources.


  • Needs no installation program
  • Can be consulted from any internet access point
  • Immediate response and updating in real time
  • Open architecture facilitates customisation
  • Customisation without programming
  • Fully customised workflows
  • Interactive and fully customisable dashboards


SublimeCRM™ is constantly adapting to suit clients' needs, adding new services and sections to streamline users' work and their everyday routine tasks.

SublimeCRM™ is always being updated to include improvements and new services that make it a more powerful and effective tool so your routine business or company tasks become easier.

Latest Improvements

The latest version includes direct links from the clients section to your files and invoices, saving you time in the process of searching through documentation in the relevant folder in the Files section and invoices issued in the Sales section.

When you set up a new client, you can select the option of creating an associated folder, creating a folder linked to that client and making it faster to access the documentation for that client at a later stage.

In the Sales section, and at the request of our clients, an option has been added that enables negative figures to feature in the invoice detail, in order to be able to show discounts or payments to clients on invoices.

Try it yourself right now free of charge!


With SublimeCRM™ you'll have a range options available for managing your everyday business tasks quickly and simply.

The tool is perfectly configurable, from the corporate logo through to the permissions for each user; you can change colours, font sizes and background colours, plus you can choose the preferred language for your platform (currently available in Spanish, English, French and Italian).

Standout features include intelligent searches in the various sections; interactive diary; notice board; user task management; document archive classified right down to client folders, including invoices and files; estimates and sales module, with the option of converting estimates into sales once they have been confirmed; contact management, with the option of importing from Gmail, plus many other features to facilitate all kinds of transactions.

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Francisco Hernández, socio de internacionalización Geomedia
It's just what I needed; with this tool I can manage practically all my company's everyday tasks and, what's more important, as I travel a lot for business I can keep an eye on everything, wherever I happen to be.

Francisco Hernández, Internationalisation Partner Geomedia

Tina JulsgaardThe CRM is probably the best investment I have made ever for my company. Today I ask myself how I managed to administrate my company before, the same way as we ask ourselves how we lived without the internet. The CRM reduces considerably my administration time and that of my employees on a daily basis. Everything has been reduced to a few simple clicks and all my client data, assignments and invoices are nicely organized and connected.

Tina Julsgaard, owner Comunica Translations

Tomás Pérez Benz, socio director de Biznaga IntercontinentalNow I can produce invoices in 2 minutes and send them to clients instantly. For me it was very important to know which invoices were up to date and which were not, and this tool has helped me to identify them instantly by using the filters.

Tomás Pérez Benz, Director and Partner at Biznaga Intercontinental

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